The Basics

Follow a nameless, colourful protagonist as he shoots up government guards in revenge for his killed wife. Why was she killed, you may ask? The plot simply begged for motivation for our nameless killer.


  • 6 waves of army formations trying their best to gun you down
  • A final boss (conveniently the killer of nameless hero's wife)
  • An endless wave following the final boss for more shooter fun
  • An upgrade system to help you git gud

Input & Controls

  • Use W A S D for movement
  • Left-click to shoot
  • Mouse to rotate the character
  • SPACE to dash once unlocked


  • Try circling the enemies and keeping on your feet
  • There is no ammo, so keep firing away!
  • The quickest path to beating the boss is through gun upgrades
  • Try to keep away from the center and the four corners of the room on each round start
  • Touching enemies is an instant death

Recommended Specs

Recommended use with monitors that can support a resolution of at least 1300x650


Originally intended for Ludam Dare 44, this turned into a mini-project I lost interest in, but returned to finish.

This is my first attempt at making my own game that is not simply Pong. Please feel free to leave constructive criticism. I am looking to improve.


Apart from the fonts, all art, sounds, code and animations were made by me (Mohpreet Mankoo)

All fonts used can be found at dafont


Download 39 MB
Download 39 MB
Download 40 MB

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